The Real Signs of True Love: 20 Things That Matter Most in a Relationship

20 Signs of True Love That Will Make Your Heart Melt

What is true love? Can a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship experience a genuine and lasting love? Is real love a strong feeling that we can’t easily describe? Is it something that magically gives us a deep connection with the person we’ve fallen in love with?

How would you really find out if it is true or fake love?

Below are 20 signs that may enlighten us with the questions above.

20 Signs of True Love That Will Make Your Heart Melt

20 Signs of True Love in a Romantic Relationship

1. There is pure happiness.
You feel that pure happiness just by watching your special someone smile and laugh. You overcome that challenge that has been posted to you, no matter how bad your day went. You also feel satisfied and hassle-free because of the happiness you feel with your partner.

2. Trust is mutual.

You know that there is trust if both of you are open to each other, willing to talk about things, and share intimate details without any hesitation.

3. Hatred doesn’t last.
You can’t stay mad at him, especially if you see him getting hurt due to your anger. No matter how disgusted you are, all it takes to change your mood is his single smile.

4. You share the burden.
As a partner, it is both your responsibility to share and help each other in whatever troubles you’re going through. It unclogs your heart from any negative emotions and helps you communicate better as a couple.

5. Sacrifices are made.
You are ready to let go of your important things for the sake of another person. You are willing to give up your personal goals to give way to your relationship’s goals.

6. There is respect.
You can value each other’s opinions and feelings despite your differences. You also honor each other’s boundaries and give each other space.

7. You have time for each other.
If both of you truly care and value the relationship you have, then you are willing to free yourself and find time throughout the day and night to talk to each other.

8. You stand by each other’s side.
True love means standing by you even through the worst of times and being there to cheer you up when everything seems uneasy. Rather than standing behind you, they stand next to you as your equal.

True Love in a Romantic Relationship

9. It is not difficult to forgive.
You release hatred and bitterness in your heart, you embrace mercy and grace, and you choose to pardon someone who made a mistake to you by letting go of your right to punish them. Forgiveness is something that proves your love for your significant other.

10. Actions speak louder than words.
You show your love through thoughtful actions, and you fulfill your promises with your partner, speak love, and acknowledge each other’s effort.

11. You accept each other’s flaws.
You know that flaws are going to be there. So you accept that your partner is not always perfect. You learn to accept differences and love them for who they are.

12. You care for each other.
You treat one another with the utmost care, pay attention to each other, take a sincere interest in the things your partner really cares about, never miss giving any gift, and include him/her in your plans.

13. Distance is not a hindrance.
Love knows no distance. It won’t stop you from loving the person, but instead, if you truly love each other, the distance will further strengthen your relationship.

14. It is no more a single “You” but “We.”

You know that you are no longer the only one on this journey, but you have someone to include in every decision you make.

15. You celebrate each other’s achievements.
You are happy to celebrate your partner’s victory. You feel good when you see him/her smile with joy without feeling jealous because you know it should be teamwork and not a competition.

16. You support each other.
You cheer each other up during rough times, and you offer help when they need it, encourage one another, tell each other what you need, and make things lighter instead of a burden.

17. You are both inseparable.
When you are together, time literally seems to fly, and you can’t wait until the next time you meet. You are happy with each other’s company, and it feels like you don’t want to be away from each other’s arms ever again.

The 20 Surefire Signs You're in True Love

18. You grow together.
You know you grow together as a person when you finally realize that arguing over petty things is not productive. You make time to talk about your relationship in a more mature manner. You recognize your own mistakes and sincerely apologize for them while striving your best not to make the same mistakes again. You plan for the future and set SMART goals for your relationship. And finally, you work hard and become persistent in achieving those goals and attaining true happiness in your relationship.

19. You don’t break promises.
You give out promises carefully and then do everything you can to keep them. And if you have to break a commitment, you tell the person why.

20. There is Give and Take in your relationship.
Love is not a one-way job. There has to be giving and receiving in every relationship. Either you give or take, but you shouldn’t be expecting in return.

Now that you finally know what those signs are, I hope they will help you find the answer to your questions, clarify your confusions about true love, and inspire you to grow your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend to make sure that they love you and your partner enjoy a real one.20 Surefire Signs of True Love in Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationship

The 20 Most Important Signs of True Love in a Romantic Relationship
How to Know If You're in True Love: 20 Signs That Don't Lie
The Real Signs of True Love: 20 Things That Matter Most in a Relationship
20 Signs of True Love That Will Make Your Heart Melt

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