Interesting Soda Water Nutrition Facts

Interesting Soda Water Nutrition Facts

Soda water is one of the key constituents of any flavored drink today. Here we will be discussing the soda water nutrition facts in detail.

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What do you do when you overeat, suffer from a bloated stomach or have bouts of nausea? You just have a glass of sparkling water. Soda water, also known as sparkling water, is not only a favorite soft drink, but also loaded with some health benefits. Most people are oblivious about soda ingredients and soda water nutrition facts. So let's go through some interesting facts about soda water nutritional value!

Soda water is a beverage made by pumping carbon dioxide into drinking water. It is sold in the market as flavored drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, and at times some minerals. It is often an important ingredient in mocktails and hard drinks.

Nutritional facts of Soda Water

Our stomach is very sensitive. When we indulge in a heavy meal, the stomach gets bloated and severely constipated. This uneasiness in the stomach due to overeating often accompanies nausea or vomiting. Soda water is recommended in such cases as it releases the gas and clears the constipation. At times even baking soda is added to soda water to enhance the digestive system. Also the bicarbonate present in soda water tends to nullify any negative effects caused by sodium. Carbonated water is also believed to kill harmful bacteria inside the body.

According to the ongoing researches on soda water nutrition facts, soda water significantly reduces the low density lipoprotein (also known as bad cholesterol), which is one of the major risk factors for cardio afflictions. On the contrary, it increases the level of high density lipoprotein, which is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease. Apparently, it quells the unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Soda nutrition facts are many. When it comes to health, it is the most handy drink that serves as an instant cure! Just go through some nutritional facts of soda water as stated below:
The normal pH level in the human body is between 7.1 and 7.5. Drinking soda water once a day in an empty stomach helps the body to retain the average pH.

Soda water is recommended if you have flu symptoms like fever or cough, as it palliates the effect of viruses and kills them.
Even tooth decays, sore throats and mouth ulcers find a cure in soda water. They help in neutralizing the effects of bacteria.

Athletes with a sore foot or nerve pain can instantly rely on soda water foot soak, for an instant and soothing relief. Soda is also a suggested drink for athletes as it helps in storing lactic acid thereby enhancing their exercising activities. But an important point to be noted here is that, soda should be consumed with a lot of water.
Besides, soda water is also used as an ingredient in antiseptic pastes to ease skin problems like itching, caused due to insect stings, sunburns and heat rash.

Apart from its medical use, it plays a major role in preparing hard drinks, often giving them a pleasant taste! If you have a party at home, and you are not sure about the variety of drinks, add soda water to your hard drinks and fruit punches and make exotic mocktails! Usually people enjoy flavored and fizzy drinks and soda water just serves the purpose!

After a weary day, when every crevice of your body is screeching of fatigue, what do you do? Well, you can try homemade soda. It works wonders! In case there is no fruit syrup available, just take a lime and squeeze it in the soda water and gulp it! Your body will be recharged and you will feel relaxed! You can even prepare a refreshing drink by adding any fruity syrup to soda water. Being a sugary drink, it is an instant energy source for all those who are drop dead tired after a hectic day. In fact there are many sparkling water brands available in the market. Hence, it is not so difficult to get them and stack in your refrigerator.

Soda water nutrition facts have always been a subject of debate as to whether it is good for health or not. Point to be kept in mind is that soda water nutritional value is minimal! It could definitely pose trouble if you binge on soda water all day and night! Of course the choice is yours! I believe this article was enlightening on soda water nutritional information.

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