Happy Diwali FB, Whatsapp Messages in Kannada 2021

Happy Diwali FB, Whatsapp Messages in Kannada 2021

Diwali cannot go silently since it’s one of the biggest festival of India and people love to celebrate it enthusiastically. Before approaching Diwali, People decorate and clean their house in order to welcome the Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha. It’s a five days festival which gets started with Dhanteras. People love to go for Diwali Shopping in order to buy gifts, sweets, goodies etc. Though there is a number of e-Diwali wished cards is available on the Internet, Diwali is still wished by giving Cards. Not only by Hindu but Diwali is celebrated by Jainism, Sikhism on a large scale. 

Diwali Messages In Kannada

Dipawaliya Shobhashaygalu

Deepada Habba Deepavali
Yellara Jeevana Belgali

Depada habba depavali nimma jevanada depa vagali

Deepada habbadalli ellara maneyallu mattu manadallu deepa belagali

Deepadinda Deepavu Belagali Ellara Mane Managala Shubha Dinada Deepavaliyali Ela Nimma Korike Neraverali.....

Helarigu deepavali habbadha
Nima maneyali santhosh thumba
Erali mathu santhosh vadha
Habbavanu swaghathisuona
**Happy Deepagala Habba**

Jyoti inda Jyoti belagali,
Deepadinda Deepa mana belagali,
Deepavali namma nimmallera
balu belagali


E Deepavali Habbavu nimma mundina Dinagalli Deepadante Holeyuva Belakagali,
endinida nimma haleya dukkagalanu maresi,
Hosa Kanasubalondigge Munnedeyali endu Aresuve...
A Very Happy Deepavali to you.

Deepawaliya Hartik Shubhashyagalu.nim jeevanvu sada belkagirali,
happy diwali :):):):

Deepavali nima mane managalannu, nimma mundina yashasige dari deepavagali

Dipa jivanada arta
Dipa jivanada belaku
Dipa jivanada nenapu
Dipa premada sogabu
Dipa jagada nenapu
Dipada dipavalige shubashaya..

Deepadinda mane haagu managalu belagali,
Ee deepavaliyu ella manegalallu sukha,
shanti, sadagara,nemmadi, tarali,
Lakshmi deviya aradhane enda yellara mane yalli aishwaryavu vrudhisali.
Deepavaliya subhashayagalu!!!

Bani deepadinda deepa hachuva E Deepavali habbadandu
Nimma balu sada santosha dinda belagutrilai
Nimgu nimma kutumbadavarigu deepavali habbada shubshayagalu

Hariyali hosa Belaku
Belagali nithya Baduku
Chellali hombelaku nimma baalali!
Deepavali shubhaashayagalu !!

Nimnage, mattu nimma kutumbadavari,
mattu nimma geleyarige, "Deepavali"
habbada Shubashyagalu "Deepavali"
yellar balalli belakannu tarali yendu hayrisuve.

Kannada text message for Diwali 2018

Diwali is a standout amongst the most well known and preferred Indian celebration. This wonderful celebration of light is praised by every one of the Indians around the world. Lakshmi Pooja is a standout amongst the most vital elements of Diwali festivities. Lakshmi, who is viewed as the goddess of light, excellence, favorable luck and riches, is venerated on the event of Diwali to acquire flourishing the family. She is additionally worshiped to make progress and fortune. It is however said that she doesn't dwell long with any individual who is languid and untidy or yearning her lone as riches. That is the reason before the Lakshmi Pooja, individuals effectively clean their home and love her with gigantic commitment.

Lakshmi is said to be the girl of the sage Bhrigu. Legends say that she took asylum in the sea of milk when the divine beings were sent into outcast. Lakshmi was reawakened when Master and Evil presence agitated the sea to get 'Amrut', the beverage of everlasting life. However as the God had a look at Lakshmi, they all began to look all starry eyed at her hypnotizing wonderful. As a matter of first importance, Shiva guaranteed Lakshmi as his significant other, yet as he had been given the Moon, Lakhsmi's marriage was performed with Vishnu, who was additionally a favored decision by the Goddess.

2018 Diwali Wishes for Friends in Kannada

Lakshmi Pooja is done in a certain way. Most importantly the whole place for the pooja is cleaned and a higher stage with another material over at it is made realy for divinity's foundation. A kalash (pitcher) made of gold, silver, copper, or terracotta is then put over it with modest bunch of grains at the base. Three-fouth of the kalash is then loaded with water and a betel nut, a bloom, a coin, and some rice is set in it. The Kalash is then enhanced with mango leaves and secured with a plate containing rice grains. It is promising to draw a lotus with turmeric powder (haldi) over the rice grains and afterward put the icon of goddess Lakshmi over it, alongside coins.

Once the Goddess is set up the Pooja is begun within the sight of whole family. At the greater part of the spots, Ruler Ganesha is likewise adored alongside the Goddess. It is said that adoring two of them together is exceptionally propitious and it unites intelligence and riches. The symbol of Ganesha is put infront of the kalash, on the right (South-West bearing). It is said that putting ink and books identified with your business or occupation on the stage before him will bring insight and learning.

The Pooja starts within the sight of whole family by lighting a light or diya. The divinities are offered haldi, kumkum, and blossoms to the stage on which the kalash is set. At that point Goddess Lakshmi is summoned by recounting the Vedic mantras tended to her. It is said that regardless of the fact that you don't recollect mantras you can likewise summon the Goddess by just shutting your eyes and recalling that her with full commitment. Like other god and goddesses, you can likewise offer her blooms and bathe her in panchamrit, a blend of milk, curd, ghee or elucidated margarine, nectar, and sugar). It is viewed as promising if Goddess Lakshmi is offered some gold decoration or a pearl.

In the event that you need to do a broad pooja you can offer shoe glue, saffron glue, fragrance ( itr ), haldi, kumkum, abeer, and gulal to the goddess alongside a wreath of cotton dabs. Blossoms exceptionally marigold and leaves of Bel, wood apple is likewise thought to be the most loved of Goddess Laksmi. Alongside earthen lights, you can likewise light an incense stick, dhoop and play out an elaborate havan. Toward the end, the aarti for goddess Lakshmi ought to be performed.

Happy Diwali Sms 2018 In Kannada

A stunning collection of Diwali Cards can make you speechless. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to visit the sites having a wide collection of Diwali Cards. And choose the card which goes with your personality. Apart from your choice, you must consider the personality of the person to whom you are going to send the card. These cards are best to send to your employees, business partners, friends, relatives and others. At the time of choosing Diwali Cards, pay attention over the text penned on the card. If it possesses the power to touch the heart, then give a thumb up.

Happy Diwali Whatsapp, FB Messages in Hindi 2018

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